Barney's AD on VanityFair

Great interactive ad that breaks from the grid. 


I was pulling words from a sentence and i really gravitated towards the word had. Decided to use the font letter gothic to explore the  word.

snowdon blue

Should probably order this book before I regret it. 

Old APC Ads

Shot in 1992.... sick right? the photo still looks so current. 

Stella Tennant shot by M. Chemetov = for APC.


This catalogue has an amazing layout.

Going Green

I am working on a mens outdoor clothing logo this wonderful sunday.
But before I start, I have to create an epic collection of whats been done and awesome things that make me jealous. 
Stumbled upon this piece and just had to share. I can't find more information on it, but I think its from Monocle. 
Anywho...its really beautiful and makes me wish I could cut out paper that perfectly. 

Tropical Delight

Henrietta Hellberg

Beautiful shots by Jesper Lindstrom

Urban Outfitters + Colors!

Really impressed with the recent photos I saw at Urban Outfitters.
I love how vibrant these shots are and the spray painted backdrop.
Might not be a fan of the store.. but they really have the in-house design team.

Karen Walker sunglasses ads are fucking ace!

I probably ebay her soul collection everyday. Talk about obsessed.


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